Gerald Tan judges CTMC2! Racing Angels audition

Gerald Tan was recently invited to be on the judging panel for the audition for the CTMC2! Racing Angels team. CTMC2! Racing Angels is an all-female team that will be competing in the inaugural OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge 2011. It is part of CTMC2! Racing – a racing initiative by prominent motorsports personality Cheryl Tay and MindCHIC Club! (MC²!), a sports and hobby community platform.

Financially supported by MC²! and managed by Cheryl Tay, these two teams sponsored under the umbrella of CTMC2! Racing – CTMC2! Racing Stars, an all-male team and CTMC2! Racing Angels, an all-female team, will be racing in the OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge 2011, a four-hour kart endurance race series to be held at Kartright Speedway.

Gerald has been coaching at the last two Ladies’ Night @Kartright, a monthly female-only karting session organised and hosted by Cheryl Tay with the objective of promoting motorsports and attracting more ladies into the testosterone-heavy sport.

With Gerald’s expertise in endurance racing, he was a highly valuable asset for the five-person judging panel as he is familiar with endurance racing and what it entails from a driver.

23 ladies turned up for the audition that was held on 28th April 2011 at 7.00 pm at Kartright Speedway. The criteria included attitude (20%), overall driving skills (20%), handling & control (20%), racing line (10%), speed (10%), theory (10%) and presentation (10%).

The evening started with a short 12-question quiz to test their general motorsport knowledge, before heading to the track for the driving part. The format was similar to all previous Ladies’ Night lessons – practice, qualifying and then a 10-lap race for the overall fastest 10. This time however, the race was started in reverse grid.

A reverse grid means having the fastest in qualifying start at the back, eg. Whoever scores pole position will start in last place, second fastest starts in ninth place and so on. Having a reverse grid will test how good they are at their racecraft, at overtaking and making their way to the front.

The night turned out to be a real aggressive session, probably the fiercest since Ladies’ Night @Kartright was created. A lot of surprises as well as crashes were witnessed. Finally, after a full day of decision-making, the final six selected for CTMC2! Racing Angels are (in no particular order):

1. Cheryl Tay
2. Lemna Parvini Sani
3. Doris Suresh
4. Michelle Kuek
5. Goh May San
6. Nazilah Abd Rahim

There were many good candidates and the judges had to keep reminding themselves that it was an endurance race they were looking at. Cool, calm, steady and consistent were the key factors, along with the fitness to last the endurance race.

Comments from the judges:

Lemna Parvini Sani – Very fast and composed; managing to stay out of trouble to win the race.

Doris Suresh – Her background in karting is evident throughout, giving her opponents racing space while strategising her next move. A dependable driver for an endurance race!

Michelle Kuek – Although she had problems with her kart, she fought back quickly and managed to clock a great time during the race, catching up lap after lap.

Goh May San – Her bravery and aggression won us over, especially how she diced and sliced during the race. Her fitness will play an advantage in the four-hour endurance race.

Nazilah Abd Rahim – Very consistent and stable driver with the ability to drive without drama, a big plus point for a long distance race.

Cheryl Tay – She showed significant improvement quickly and has the aggression needed in a race karter. She may be the organiser, but she has earned her place in the team.

Gerald will continue to play an integral role in CTMC2! Racing Angels, as driver coach to the six ladies as they embark on their journey to The Race in August. He will also be coaching at the next Ladies’ Night @Kartright session in June.


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3 responses to “Gerald Tan judges CTMC2! Racing Angels audition

  1. Lemna

    Hey I just saw this, thanks for posting and thanks for your supports!

  2. May San

    Nice write up! Haha.. 🙂

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