2013 Season Review


My 2013 Season has ended. Its been a typical motorsports season full of ups and downs! A summary of the highs and lows here:

My podium at the 24H of Barcelona with the GDL Racing Page Porsche GT3 Cup S was definitely a highlight of the year. First time in a GT car and finishing on the international podium!

Setting a 2m 22.2s time in the LTM Performance Singapore Subaru WRX STi race car at the Round 1 of the Zerotohundred.com ‘(00) TimeToAttack while winning the Time Attack Machines class was another highlight considering that was my first time in the car. The car has plenty of potential left in it, during the TTA, the car had braking issues and boost issues. A great result considering the circumstances.

The whole season of Malaysian Super Series was a huge let down though. The season started off great when we set a blistering time of 2m 33.2s in race 1 only to be protested for a technical infringement. The worst part of this was the protester was running blatantly illegal parts himself, but this is the ugly side of motorsports.

MSS Round 2 ended sadly with a blown engine while in 2nd place. Round 3 went smoothly with 2nd place in the bag until a pit stop error leaving me in 4th. Round 4 ended real early with a blown engine in qualifying. Round 5 we were once again competitive on pace but had problems with misfiring. Endless mechanical failures and errors meant a disastrous season for Team LTM 9tro Racing.

We can have all the pace in the world but we need reliability to finish a race and have sustainable results. Lets see if we will return for another season of MSS in 2014.

2013 has been a great season of seat time for me, I have never been to the track more than 2013. I want to thank the multiple sponsors that have made this possible for me. Your contribution has enabled me to further my passion and development as a driver. Many doors have been opened to me for 2014, I am looking forward to an awesome 2014!

I just secured an amazing drive to kick start 2014. Press release to follow shortly!










Detailed 2013 Season Results:

24 Hours of Barcelona – 3rd Position in 997 Class (GDL Racing 997 Cup S)

Zerotohundred Time to Attack Round 1 – 1st Position in Time Attack Machines Class (LTM 9tro Subaru WRX STi)

Megalap Time Attack Round 1 – 2nd Position in Turbo 4wd Street Tire Class (LTM 9tro Evo X)

Megalap Time Attack Round 2 – 2nd Position in Turbo 4wd Street Tire Class (LTM 9tro Evo X)

Malaysian Super Series Round 1 – LTM 9tro Honda Integra DC5

– Round 1 Race 1 (2nd place but later DQ) Race 2 (Finished 6th after starting from back of the grid)

– Round 2 DNF (Engine blown while in 2nd place)

– Round 3 4th Position (Pit stop error while in 2nd place losing us the position)

– Round 4 DNF (Engine blown while in 2nd place)

– Round 5 6th (Engine mis-firing while in 3rd place)



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  1. Guan

    Go Gerald! Your exploits spur me on to greater heights playing Real Racing on my iPad…. 🙂

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